Quality without compromises, across centuries of history.

The origins of the Monsecco brand MONSECCO have very deep roots, in a small territory that encompasses the Novara hills and the banks of the Sesia river.

Born to increase the value of the best production from the homonymous Company, founded in 1872 in Gattinara, the history of the MONSECCO brand spans over three centuries, , identifying ever since a family of Nebbiolo-based red wines, refined for long periods of time in oak barrels, highly structured and long lasting.

In the last century, thanks to a pioneering vocation for top quality, marked by low production volumes and by a refined packaging, MONSECCO wines live a period of slow but steady growth, which, by the 1970s, led to these wines being exhibited in the best Italian wine shops and to having international fame through respected foreign importers. It developed a niche presence in the narrow segment of aged red wines, at a time when high-quality wines had not yet affirmed themselves among the general public.

In the year 1993, MONSECCO brand joined the patrimony of Lorenzo Zanetta’s, who collected the precious enological heritage with the aim of preserving the unique values of exclusivity and territoriality. Such work has been carried on with constancy and today the MONSECCO brand marks a special selection of red wines obtained exclusively from processing local varieties from Novara hills and Sesia river banks, looking for the highest quality, without compromises.

Quality without compromises and local varieties are still, after centuries of history, the guidelines that drive MONSECCO‘s choices.