Territorio e Vite

The massif of Monte Rosa, that dominates the morainic hills, is the spectacular backdrop to the lands of Upper Piedmont, where vineyards grow on a terrain porous and extremely rich in mineral salts deriving from the millenary erosion of the glaciers. The nearby mountains and the altitude influence the climate, which features clear skies and a relevant temperature range between night and day.

Such elements are ideal for the most important variety of these lands, Nebbiolo, that finds the right environment to give its best. The yield of the vines being already spontaneously very low, a further work of thinning of the vines leads to, during the harvest usually done in October, an adequate level of alcoholic strength and intensity of colours and aromas.

A high concentration of aromatic substances in the skins means intense and elegant scents. The presence of fix acids in the pulp guarantees an exceptional longevity.

Accounts of the distinctive features of this territory and of its ancient vocation for winemaking describe “sunny vineyards” in these areas already in the 1st Century AD.

Today, these precious sunny vineyards keep bearing their precious fruits and can be found in the territories of the municipalities of Sizzano, Ghemme, Fara and Gattinara.